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We are just the average, middle aged couple with a family of four wonderful, grown sons. Dave is employed at a rural electric company and together we used to own a "One of a Kind" restaurant called Pippin's. We are located in a small town in Northern Michigan.

In October of 2000 (both burned to a frazzle we decided that it was time we took a real vacation. Actually, a vacation that I thought was only possible in my dreams! For a week, I was on a mission and crazed in putting every minute of my spare time in searching the Internet and brochures from my friendly travel agent. My dream vacation would be to Cancun! That decision was for sure. Now, which one of these hundreds of resorts would be the heavenly choice? You see, I had to plan this right. Dave is not your "fun in the sun" type of guy. He's always been a hunter and fisherman, not a sun worshiper, like myself. To get him to agree to this, it had look and sound really good!

I flipped through different brochures, looking at each resorts picture and reading the description. I narrowed it down to 4 star or better. Next - all inclusive or not? How much would 2 people spend on food and drink in a week? Would we be happier on the "hotel strip" or out of town on the Mayan Riviera? The clock was ticking, the restaurant would soon be shutting down for a few weeks but prime bow hunting was just around the corner. I could spare only one more day to decide!
I assumed that knowing the entire cost of the vacation up front had to be far better than worrying about how much we would spend on food and drink while we were supposed to be enjoying ourselves.

Just next door, my travel agent was free. This is it, I said - let's book it. Two weeks prior is considered last minute travel so I held my breath while she checked for availability. The hotel showed available but the package deal would be off because their air was full! In checking for different dates, she found that if we could leave a week earlier, it would be the only date that was available for this package. A week earlier would be tough, it gave us less than 10 days to prepare for our departure to Mexico, in the midst of our daily lives and getting the restaurant shut down properly. I had made my choice and I was determined, even though Dave would think I was absolutely crazy when I filled him in on our reservations.

Now in all my spare minutes I would be packing for Cancun. In my filing system, finding our birth certificates and marriage license could take time!! Thank God I hadn't had time to pack our summer clothes away yet. And who could possibly go on vacation without buying some new things? Everyone says don't over pack. What exactly does THAT mean, if you've never been to Mexico? THAT I would find out!

It all fell together rather well, and in a short time we were at Metro Airport, on needles and pins waiting to board our flight to Cancun at 7:00 am. An approximate 3 ½ hour flight would put us in Cancun at 9:30 am their time. I won the draw on the window seat. I was like a little girl in amazement the entire flight (which would continue throughout our whole vacation). The Cancun airport is definitely different than I expected. Going though customs was nerve racking and then in leaving the airport gates, the men with BIG guns were downright scary! (Can you tell that I'd never been out of the country)?

After claiming our luggage and locating our prearranged transfer, we and three other couples, all from the US and with Corona's in hand, were on our way to the vacation of a lifetime. The scenic views on the main highway are not much but dense jungle and a little bit of an eye opener as to how a lot of these poor people live. After checking in with guards at the gate (everything is very secure), we proceeded to the resort. The closer we came, the more beautiful it was. The palm trees, the green and multi colored foliage, the different colored blossoms and the perfectly manicured grounds. The van pulled up to the entrance, the bellman opened our doors, welcomed us, and while unloading our luggage, pointed us in the direction of the reception desk where champagne was awaiting. Hacienda style with beautiful earth tone tile and gorgeous stained glass, the Hotel was more incredible than we could have imagined!! This, my friends, was the beginning of our falling in love with Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

I have only tried to relay different bits and pieces that might help some of you choose a location for your heavenly vacation. And please remember, they are all inclusive! No extra money for food, drinks, gratuities (extra is your option). It's all included in one price. Thank you for visiting our site. Our intention is to share our memorable experiences in Cancun with those of you who are gathering information to plan a Wedding, Honeymoon, Anniversary, Family or Friends get together or just a week away from it all.

We are now able to offer you a choice of resorts to chose from. Real Resorts or Real Resorts.

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